Cosmetics of excellence from the Piedmontese Alta Langa

Nuagemma interprets the new cosmetics trends that lead to a return to origins and authenticity and creates sensory and proven organic cosmetics, inspired by the biodiversity of the Alta Langa.


Experiential cosmetics

Founded in 1997, Najtú offers a wide range of products that satisfy the senses with very pleasant textures and fragrances that offer extraordinary sensory experiences. Najtú products lead the consumer on a cosmetic journey that leads him to explore ever new territories and worlds, in search of sensations, perfumes and plants dedicated to psycho-physical well-being.


Herbal tradition since 1977

Società del Karité is a brand that has made the history of the herbal market. Born in 1977, it based its success on shea butter, which it first imported and used in Italy in the cosmetic sector, giving life to products that have entered the daily life of thousands of families.

With the transition to LABioelite, a new business course has begun in which past and future are intertwined in the present, to achieve the goal of ensuring consumers the quality and authenticity of all time, combined with an evolution resulting from research and innovation.


Nature, Science, Wellbeing

Rinasco is a brand of innovative products to improve psycho-physical well-being: supplements and cosmetics designed for those who wish to take care of themselves naturally.

Each formula uses bioactive substances with scientifically proven efficacy and is the result of a perfect combination of phytotherapeutic tradition and advanced research.

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