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LABioelite was born from the merger of “Società del Karité”, the company in the natural cosmetics sector that since 1977 has been the undisputed leader in the use of shea butter and “Bioelite”, an eco-bio cosmetics start-up from the Alta Langa.

LABioelite is an important manufacturing and commercial reality in the Italian beauty sector, parent company of an entrepreneurial project with over 40 years of history and a portfolio of 4 brands, each characterized by a specific positioning.

The company headquarters is in Cambiano (TO), where there is also a showroom. Thanks to an extensive commercial network, its brands are widespread throughout the country in over 2000 stores, including herbalists, pharmacies, perfumeries, bio-perfumeries.

The company’s mission is to offer quality products, excellent customer service and a wide range of references, diversified among the various brands, able to meet the needs of every segment of the beauty and wellness market.

The legacy of knowledge and know-how that allow the company to control all phases of design and construction of each product; constant commitment to research and development; specific marketing skills; a team led by passion, enthusiasm, creativity; an agile, flexible, international business model and an investment strategy aimed at growth make LABioelite a solid, dynamic company able to face the challenges of an increasingly complex and competitive market.


We promote innovation and quality through research

Research and development are the basis of our corporate culture: they guide our work today and give impetus to our future work, aimed at developing innovative products.

With a strong focus on high quality that has always characterized our brands, the lively R&D department is actively engaged both in improving the performance of the products in the range and in developing new formulas in line with consumer trends and evolutions.

The essential goal is to ensure the effectiveness of the formulations and eco-friendly industrial production.

Great attention is paid to identifying the best plant active ingredients and excipients that are the basis of our formulations and that replace the use of chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment. For the procurement of raw materials we rely on producers who meet our high standards of quality and reliability. Each formula, before moving on to the industrial process, is tested for efficacy and safety both internally and externally, by accredited laboratories.


A 100% Made in Italy production in state-of-the-art factories and an efficient logistics system

With a view to a growth and expansion plan for its brands also on international markets, LABioelite has adopted a production and logistics approach aimed at combining flexibility, quality and operational efficiency.

The formulas, developed by the research and development laboratory, are produced entirely in Italy, in factories with certified production standards, able to ensure a constant quality level. Each batch manufactured, before being placed on the market, is subjected to chemical-physical, organoleptic and microbiological controls in order to guarantee maximum safety.

The storage of finished products and the preparation and shipment of orders to retailers take place in highly automated and structured warehouses to meet the needs of customers in extremely short times.


Our priority? Establish an ongoing relationship with satisfied customers

For LABioelite, the satisfaction of customer needs and expectations are an absolute priority and for this reason we have given a new centrality to customer care, investing in staff training and pre and post sales assistance services.

Our agents, with their many years of experience, guide the stores in choosing the products of the various brands, informing them about the latest promotional initiatives, our cosmetologist and our naturopath are available for in-depth training, while the sales office manages with courtesy and punctuality of orders and requests from our customers.


The theme of sustainability has always been at the center of the work of our brands

Over forty years ago, Società del Karité was among the first cosmetic companies to offer natural, sustainable and ethical products on the Italian market. The mythical shea butter of the “Karité 100” line has entered the hearts and homes of thousands of families, as well as being a product with unparalleled performances, also for the values of respect for health, the environment and the local communities of which it has always been the bearer of.

Sustainability continues to inspire our growth path and for this reason we carefully evaluate the environmental implications of the products of our brands along the entire production chain and all phases of their life cycle: extraction and procurement of raw materials, processing, packaging, use and disposal.

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